Toronto Exterior Stucco Moulding & Repairs

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Exterior Stucco Moulding & Repairs

EIFS Exterior Stucco

An Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) can be defined as an energy efficient thermal wrapping applied to the exterior surfaces of a building. This thermal wrapping is then finished with a long-life, decorative and protective coating system.

Exterior Stucco Mouldings

The advantage of pre-coated styrofoam mouldings are endless. Crisp, clean lines are extruded into each piece, providing consistency that wood simply cannot match. Cornices. Dentils. Window Sills. Door Surrounds. On top of that, architectural trim is impervious to warping, rotting, mold and infestation.

Restoration / Repair

We specialize in all types of EIFS Stucco & Moulding repairs and maintenance including Chimney Repairs, Foundation Parging that will help your home or business running smoothly.

Services that beautifies your Property.

Exterior Stucco Painting

We offers specialty (EIFS) Exterior Stucco & Moulding painting services. As part of our stucco services, we repair cracks, replace damaged areas, paint and apply a waterproof sealant that will help prevent cracking for many years to come.

EIFS Stucco

We specializes in residential and commercial (EIFS) Exterior Stucco applications. With over 10 years of exterior stucco experience in Ontario we can handle any EIFS dryvit stucco project. Whether you’re building a new home, adding a room addition, or remodeling.

Stucco Mouldings

We specialize in the installation of architectural Exterior mouldings and ornamental designs, where some are simple but highly effective accents. Pre-coated shapes start with an expanded polystyrene core, reinforcing fiberglass mesh, then coated with polymer modified cementitious finish.

Exterior Stucco & Moulding Repairs

If your existing Exterior Stucco & Moulding started show aged, it could use a little improvement. We do Exterior Stucco Restorations, as well as repair cracks, blisters, faded colours, painting and we can fix just about anything on EIFS Stucco & Mouldings.


    EIFS Stucco & Moulding

    Is the brick showing age or you want better insulation with beauty & you want to add value to your property; (EIFS) Exterior stucco & Exterior Mouldings is the best option.

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    • EIFS Stucco Repair
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EIFS exterior stucco moulding painting

EIFS Exterior Stucco & Moulding Painting

Renovate & Maintain


EIFS Stucco / Moulding / Repairs

We are the leading installer of (EIFS) exterior stucco, stucco repair, mouldings, foundation parging in Toronto, GTA and all over Ontario. Our professional approach to each project ensures that we deliver quality service to our customers at that right price. No job is too small for us. If you have a small or large scale project that needs to be completed on-time, on-budget and to your perfection or you are planning a renovate to the interior or exterior of your home or business, we'll put all the effort to make your wish come true. We specialize in the installation of the all types of high quality EIFS exterior stucco & moulding systems. We have the knowledge and experience to work with you and discuss the perfect solution for your next project.


We are very open, honest and clear when we build your quote so you have complete clarity before we start work, and throughout your project. Delivering well-researched, well considered estimates for all our work.


Our goal is to add value to your property by providing superior customer satisfaction and reasonable prices. We understand the importance of your projects & we guaranteed you secure, attractive, durable EIFS Stucco & Moulding application for your home.


All of our installations we use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that all of the work we do, offers you the greatest value for money possible, with a service that is second to none.